Ensuring you have the proper protective eyewear can make the difference in your performance.

Whether you're just starting out, a recreational player, or addicted to the game, having protective eyewear that fits your equipment will ensure that your eyes are protected and your vision is optimized.


Eyewear for Every Sport

Fight sun glare and see your device clearly

No matter the weather, season or time of day, don't let glare from the sun affect your performance. 


Whether you're running, walking, cycling, jogging, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, golfing, motorcycling, (we could go on), our prescription sports glasses have transition lenses.


Safely see where you are going, at any time of the day that your sports passion arises.

Comfortable fit and regulation-approved design

Sports goggles provide extra safety without sacrificing vision. Our durable sports goggles are comfortable to wear with helmets, and regulation-approved. So you can stay safe and play to your full potential without worrying about your eyes.


Sports goggles can be used for any sport ranging from; hockey to soccer, from gymnastics to tumbling, even rugby!


We also offer affordable kids sports goggles in a variety of colours.

Upgrade your Ski/Snowboard Goggles

If your into other winter sports like skiing or skating, no problem! Bring in your goggles to have them inserted with your prescription, so that you can have the best vision for every activity you love. 

Prescription Diving Masks

Whether you're going on a sunny vacation,or are practicing for your scuba diving licence, bring your dive masks into Glazier Opticians, and we can insert your prescription into the mask. Allowing your vision underwater to be as clear as it is on land.

If needed, bring us your Dive masks and we can also insert them with Bifocals. 

Fog-Proof Swimming Goggles

It doesn't matter if you are on a competitive water polo team or swim to stay fit! At Glazier Opticians we can fit your water goggles with Essilor opti-fog lenses, and insert the goggles with your prescription. These lenses just don't fog up, allowing you to see underwater, just as well as you can with your glasses.

Transition Motorcycle Glasses

With Essilor opti-fog lenses and transition lenses, our prescription motorcycle glasses allow you to be able to ride at any time of the day.


Helmet specific design, providing ultimate comfort for every ride. 

Come into Glazier Opticians to see exactly how we can provide extra comfort and safety, each time you ride.

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